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Special report by our Editor Garry Robinson

It cost us a little money but we did it anyway. You can't find out anything about betting on the Internet unless you actually go through the process and do it. Now that we have some experience with it, here's what we found.

QTAB. The QTAB net bet works well, in fact it is the best of the three main TAB's. On starting netbet, the betting window opens to the right hand side of your screen so that you can, if you need to, open up the QTAB odds page at the same time. Betting is simple, just choose from the drop down menu which can be set up to only reflect your bet type if you like. For instance, we set up Racing only. This saves having to choose between the three codes each time you log on.

Bets can be added to a window at the bottom of the page and then sent with one click and the response is almost instantaneous. You will then see your bets ticked and a new balance of your account.

TABCORP's Internet betting is not as user friendly but you can see your chosen race and the odds in one window. Betting is a laborious task. Firstly, you select your bet and place it. The next window takes 30 or so seconds to open up and you are asked to confirm your bet. Then there is another window confirming the bet is placed. If you now want to return to the bet page there is another delay. In trying to place just 9 quinella bets we took over ten minutes. Worse still, one of our Victorian Members lost over $20,000 when the system went down while he was placing his bet on Walk On Ice. Apparently you have to phone in, in order to be able to log back on, when this happens. Your account is frozen until you log off on line or call in, so we are told. TABCORP advised our client that this problem will be rectified when the software is next upgraded but there was no offer of re imbursement. Surprise, surprise!

Even the advanced mode on TABCORP'S site doesn't overcome this problem.

TABLTD has no allowance for viewing pre race odds unless you go back and open the odds window, a tedious process. It does though, allow experienced punters a separate window, which allows you to place more than one bet at a time, an essential process for semi-professional and professional punters. Once entered then all bets can be placed at once. It is nowhere near as fast as QTAB, though.

Our experience over the years suggests that the QTAB pools (except Saturdays) are a little small for substantial exotic betting , so in a way we are stuck.

One thing is obvious. The TAB's must have forgotten to ask their customers first, when they designed their Internet betting.

On the subject of TAB's, TABLTD has announced that commencing July 2nd, there are no more phone operators for bets under $10 and we now have to use the internet or our automated phone process to place small bets. Now what if you want to take ten quinella combinations worth $50 altogether and some of them are below the minimum? You can see TABLTD losing a lot of business. They wont have ours, that's for sure.

The new 136 256 voice recognition computerised betting service is supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread. We'll see. We tried to log in and just get our balance, the stupid robot is still stuck in a loop after offering us a $5 mystery trifecta on a meeting we've never heard of. It then kept repeating "where is your bet then "Doomben or Randwick, Doomben or Randwick, Doomben or Randwick?" of course this was on a Monday night.

"It seems that TABCORP is listening and watching after all, with these changes taking effect just weeks after our editorial review. We'll review the changes and report in due course." Editor




If you’ve been to the TAB Racing site this week already, you may have noticed that we have made some additions and improvements. These changes include:

·        Multi-bet options of Running Double, Daily Double and Quaddie

·        Display of Pool Totals

·        A new, streamlined betting mode called Express

·        Ability to make Boxed Field bets in Standard mode

·        Ability to place Roving Banker and Standout bets in both Advanced and the new Express mode

·        An easier process of logging back in after being ‘timed out’

These changes have been made as a result of both an ongoing commitment  that is in place to make our Internet site the best in the market, as well as a result of your feedback and recommendations.

If you have any further queries or would like to give us some feedback on the new site, e-mail us via customerservice@tabcorp.com.au or phone our Customer Service Centre on 131 802.

We hope you enjoy these exciting new changes to the site. Happy punting!

If you cannot see these changes on the new site, it may be that your computer has ‘memorised’ the old site. To correct this problem you will need to clear your computer’s cache, which may be done as follows:

If you are using a version of Internet Explorer, you must: 

  1. Select Tools and click on Internet Options
  2. Select Delete Files under the Temporary Internet Files section
  3. Click OK to confirm Delete and
  4. Close the pop-up window by clicking OK.

If you are using a version of Netscape Navigator:

  1. Select Edit and then the Preferences section
  2. Under Preferences, expand the Advanced entry and select Cache
  3. Select Delete Memory Cache and click on OK in the pop-up and finally
  4. Select Delete Disk Cache and click on OK to close the pop-up and OK again to close Preferences.

Again, if you have any further queries please contact our Customer Service Centre on 131 802.

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