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From the 1st of December, all bookmakers will be using decimal prices instead of odds.This will be quite a change for the racing industry.

Some punters may find it hard to adapt to the different system being used.Previously 3 on the board meant a profit of 3.With the decimal system, 3 will mean a profit of 2.

With the change to decimal, it will now be easier to compare the bookmaker’s price and the tote price.The opportunity to directly compare the two prices will ensure that we get the best price available if we have to choose between the two.

Of course, as punters adjust to the change there are bound to be mistakes and confusion surrounding which price quoted is the actual price and which is the tote price.With the odds systems it was obvious which was the bookmaker’s price.Now, with the two prices appearing the same, it should be less difficult to work out which is which.

After some time, I have faith that we will overcome any initial problems.We will look back, and not even remember why we first had trouble with the decimal system.Hopefully we will not miss any big winnings due to mistaking the starting price for the tote price, or vice versa.



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