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One decade ago, a punter placed a bet with a well-known bookmaker. The bookmaker backed the wrong horse. The punter was awarded more than $100 000 in lost winnings plus interest.

The bookmaker was Con "Chubby" Holloway and the punter was Winston Doyle, a professional in NSW. The judge, in Southport District Court, ruled just recently that "it was more probable than not" that Holloway had placed Doyle's bet on the wrong horse.

During the trial, Doyle told the court he had attended the Gold Coast Turf Club on January 21, 1989. He also stated that he asked Holloway to put $9000 on race winner Tiger's Image, which was running at Doomben at 5/1.

Doyle's wife also placed a smaller bet on the winning horse. The horse was selected by one of three of Doyle's computer systems.

As a "nod' punter, Doyle did not receive a ticket verifying his bet. But Holloway argued that Doyle had asked that his money be placed on horse at 7/2, Tiny's Finito. This bet was verified by an entry in Holloway's betting ledger.

Judge Robert Hall noted that Doyle was a "highly organised punter" and was unlikely to have changed his mind about any bets he placed. Immediately before Doyle placed his bet with Holloway, Holloway was speaking to a bookmaker close by about the form of Tiny's Finito and the name had remained in his mind.

Holloway was ordered to pay Winston Doyle $54000 which he would have won had his correct bet been placed plus 10% in interest for the past ten years.

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