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By Garry Robinson

There is a lot of interest in parlays. A lot of clients though had difficulty with doing the actual working out. Lincoln, our Internet programmer, has produced a program for Windows 95 or 98 users called Parlay Magic. It uses a series of ten bets in which there are seven sets of parlays. The program calculates your next bet based on the previous race result so that you always know your outlay. At the end of the set, your total returns and final bank balances are known. The program can be run over a period of days if you wish, or even weeks and you can print out a copy for your records. Parlay Magic costs $99 post paid.

Parlay Magic is the first of several modules to be produced for Winform.

The beauty of a program like Parlay Magic is that you can even decide on your investments as you go. In trialling we had race one a win bet, race two a quinella bet and then race three might have been an each way bet or a dutch book bet. All we have to do is divide the return by the bet amount and the program does the rest. The actual amount to bet in the next race is highlighted. From there, you decide. If for example you have already got, say, three winners in the bag and don't want to continue you can stop, or perhaps keep part of the winnings or even save on other runners. It is up to you.

Our best parlay result was $7,500 for an initial $55 investment. We suggest you start with simple $10 parlay investments and have some fun while you learn.
Using Parlay Magic
The beauty of this program is that you can decide race by race what action to take. In other words you can start with a win bet and the next race might be a place bet or you might even bet two horses in your second race but let's start with first things first.

You must first decide ho many races you want to link. We recommend you use a 4 race series. This allows for up to seven series of bets. ie Race 1 2 3 4 followed by Race 2 3 4 5 and then 3 4 5 6 and so on.

The next step is to enter the details for the first bet race eg SR1. (Sydney Race 1) You repeat this step before entering the result of your first race. If you know in advance which races you are going to bet on you can enter these details at the start.

Next you must decide how much to bet per race. Enter this in the bet column and simply press enter. Assuming you start with a $10 bet you will see that each bet space now shows $10 but of course you can choose to bet any amount. You will also see a box open up which tells you how much to bet on the first race.

Let's assume your first race results in a dividend of $2 for a $1 investment. Enter 2 in the returns box for Race 1 and click recalculate or enter. Your next bet is $13 for series 1 and $6 for series 2 ie. $19 to be invested on your second race.

We may have any combination of bets In race 2, it could be each way or win only or perhaps we may even have a quinella. Whatever the results, divide the dividend return by the amount invested and either this figure in the return column for race two and so on. You can even, if you wish, bet more than one horse in the race. Remember, simply divide your return by the total investment on that race.

If you wish, you can printout the whole file for each day's action. You can also save your current series for use on your next betting day. You can also open as many files as you wish and operate several different plans, it's all up to you.

For further assistance, simply call us at (02) 4950 1747 during business hours.

St. the conclusion of your series you can simply reset all columns to zero. The return for each series of four bets appears in the Current Bank column. In progress this shows the balance if your series excluding your current bet.

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