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Firstly, let me say what a boon the Internet is proving. I have access to so much information it is just getting easier to find winners. Apart from anything else you find on this site, just click through the links and see the wealth of information available elsewhere.

I first stumbled upon the Horse Racing Australia site last year when I was looking for information on the Epsom handicap. I found the Saturday feature race and was able to snare the $7900 trifecta with the information I found there. Since then I have been able to contribute the occasional article for the magazine with a few different angles of my own. Most of these have been based on my experience with systems.

One thing I did do though, is obtain a copy of the Winline Gt-w computer program which contains the Winform, Formline and Trakline ratings. By combining these I have had many, many successful betting days.

For those who don't have the time to process their own form though, I can recommend the Winform internet ratings service. What impresses me most, is the number of incredibly long priced winners that just seem to lob up every now and then.

Look at the 16th of June. A simple fillies and mares maiden at Seymour produced Arad, a winner paying $104, and here it was rated third by Winform. If you think that was good, then look at the Wednesday Ratings for Geelong with Goorangai winning the Class one race and paying $70 as a top rated horse at 5/2 These are just two of many examples I have noticed recently.

I subscribe on a daily basis at a cost of $800 per year. That works out at about $2.50 per day, or less than $1 per meeting and all horses are ranked in order. I have asked Garry Robinson to provide some statistics on the service and they appear in the table below.

Field Size Top Rated Winners Win % 2nd Rated Win % 3rd Rated Top 3
Up to 12 19% 16% 15%
Above 12 14% 12% 7%

You can see where the potential lies, although the average dividend returned from larger fields is much higher, the likely losing runs are longer. How is your comfort zone? In fields of 13 1st and 2nd rated selections made a level stakes profit and in fields of 14 starters top rated horses made a level stakes profit.

In the smaller fields I have been amazed with the prices sometimes available. Winners at 10/1 and better were surprisingly prevalent in fields of as little as 5 or 6 runners. In all fields up to 12 runners a level stakes profit was made backing the top three runners.

One new feature they have incorporated recently is the Winform Winners. These are noted with an * and perform extremely well with a 30% win strike over the past 320 selections and a profit of better than 20% on turnover.

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