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Editorial by Garry Robinson

Here we are, our first anniversary edition. I'd like to say we'd solved all our problems with our Internet site but we can't. Readers using Microsoft Internet Explorer see our site differently to people using Netscape communicator.

We've tried to come up with a good looking magazine, yet when we view it on one browser it looks different to the other.

We have even had instances of Explorer users seeing last week's feature race selections whilst Netscape viewers see the current week. We've made a decision to recommend Netscape.

Still, we are pleased to say that about 10,000 readers a month from all over the world are using our magazine, and coming back for more. It is or intention to update the magazine twice a week and you will also get at least one free race per week.

Of course Members of our racing club will be able to access additional races, simply by paying the once only $99A subscription fee. Recently we selected a $13,000 trifecta in our feature race selection. That's on top of our effort last year to select the Melbourne Cup trifecta for our readers.  

One of our regular contributors Brett Craig, has re-presented his Ratings plan for easy use. When first published five years ago, it was very profitable and can be again. It takes into account several well known factors and turns each factor into ratings points. At the very least, it finds the group of horses inthe race that has the best chance of producing the winner.

Jim Cassidy Suspension
While writing this I hear that Jim Cassidy has just been suspended for another indiscretion. This time, it's his manner of riding with the whip. The penalty of one month's suspension, coming as it does at this time of the year, seems unnecessarily harsh. Cassidy should be even more wary when he resumes as it is obvious he is under close scrutiny whenever he rides. It is a shame to see such a talented rider singled out like this.

Unfortunately, his past reputation won't let go.

Night Racing
The true test of the popularity of night racing is coming. As the weather gets colder, we'll see if it really can take hold. Already crowds have reduced, although at 8,000 or so they are better than you normally get for a mid week day meeting. The key to it's success is going to be night racing in other states as Racing people tend to get bored when not much else is going on.

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