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By Garry Robinson

Sounds a bit silly doesn’t it? It can be done though in certain circumstances. The Queensland TAB operates a number of trebles each day and the Supertab operates a quadrella on usually two meetings per day. To win the treble you need to back the winner of three nominated races and to win the qaudrella you need to win the four nominated races.

Needless to say, the dividends for these bets is often very very good. Players who attempt them, though, will tell you that they often have the first two legs of a treble or the first three legs of a quadrella and they missed the last leg and here’s where we can win.

The estimated dividend for the last leg is available from either TAB once the result of the previous legs is known. As players generally have several horses nominated for each leg , they will often find themselves with two three or more horses in the final leg going for big money.

 Recently, some Members of the Winform Racing Club found themselves in this situation. The final leg dividends ranged from $800 to $1600 which covered five of the ten horses in the final leg. It made sense to risk some of this profit to cover the remaining horses. Sure, it meant that the overall return would be less, but as it was, the initial investment was only $54. It was decided to risk $600. This meant that they now had every horse in the field running for them to return a profit of at least $200, and possibly as much as $1000 and all this for the initial outlay of just $54.

The end result was a return of $1405 less the investment on the treble of $54 and the $600 invested as our "saver". Our profit $751. Had they not covered the remaining chances they would have lost the $54 of course. In the end they were much better off as the winning horse was a longshot .

A few years ago a small punter had won the first five legs of a straight six (pick the winner of six races) in Melbourne. He had the only live ticket and stood to collect $500,000 if his horse won. It got beat by a short half head. The punter could have backed every other horse in the race and thus insured a return, not $500,000 but perhaps $100,000 . Instead the punter was given a consolation $10,000 by the TAB which was a great public relations exercise but a long way from the possible return.

Now I don’t expect too many people to find themselves in that position but you can easily put yourself into a good winning position by investing a small amount of money in the treble or the quadrella.

When you have two or thee legs successful, simply bet a portion of your expected profits on the remaining horses to guarantee a return. It is not always possible. Sometimes your first two legs are short prices and the expected return too little to worry about but it is surprising just how much these horses can pay in a treble.

I recall recently a treble which paid $108 and each race was won by the favourite. I also recall many occasions where the expected dividends ranged up to several thousands of dollars. On these occassions it is wise to split your return and save on the other horses to make a sure thing of it.

Just imagine, they come into the straight and you don’t give a damn which horse wins because you win no matter what.

For information on the Queensland trebles and how to get an account phone 131949 and for information about the quadrellas phone 131467.

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