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New Money Factory- Professional Edition
These days making money at Racing is as much about Staking and Money Management as anything else. The New Money Factory Professional Edition software is
a valuable punting tool because it allows you to set the parameters and it allows you to make the right betting decisions "on the fly".

How Money Factory Benifits System Users?
Regardless of whether your system or betting plan is win only or each way, you will be aware of its long term strike rate and average return. You will also be aware
that the returns are anything but regular as winning and losing runs take place. Money Factory loses less and wins more than any known betting plan because it is geared to take advantage of the winners when they come in. Betting the same amount on each selection, it will take a long time to recoup your money after a losing
run. Using Money Factory you will almost always make a solid profit, even when your selection plan is making losses of up to 10%.

This is because of the unique combination of profit goal, strike rate divisor assessment and the positioning of safety brakes but don't worry, you don't need to know
the mechanics of the staking, simply know that the program does all the work. You simply enter and then place the bets.

Want to place all your system bets at once? Money Factory can do this with up to 12 columns operating independently or together (your choice). Then you can enter your results later and your new bets are calculated ready for the next day.

Unlimited Accounts
Another feature of Money factory is that you can have separate accounts for each system you operate. In addition, Money Factory keeps track of every bet placed and you can view your current strike rate, average dividend and progress to date.

How Money Factory Allows You To Operate Like A Professional? (Using Winform Ratings)
Professional punters following ratings, vary their betting strategy according to how the ratings fall and what the value options are. What is the best way to bet in the
next race. Is it a win bet? An each way bet? A place bet or maybe even a split bet such as one the win four the place or even three win and two place (sometimes
using the place as a saver, especially on a long shot, is a possible option). Many professionals stick to dutch betting, backing two, three or more runners a race to ensure a return. Money Factory is set up to do this expertly. As a mater of fact, I have adopted this approach myself.

With a Starting bet of $50 per race and Bank of $6,800 I have made a profit of over Three Thousand Dollars betting on just a few betting days. I was never more
then $1,100 behind on any series, and I made my decisions just a few minutes before each race.

I can personally commend the brand new Money Factory Professional Edition. Garry Robinson

Figure 1. (Above)
The new software will set up your system account based on the expected overall strike rate and dividend. It gives you the option to allott your bank funds to each column or to spread over all columns. It even allows you to set a maximum and minimum bet so that you are in control of your bet sizes.

If you set up a system that is not viable, the software will warn you so that you can check the data of the system you are following and ensure that it will be profitable.

Figure 2. (Above)
You can see from Figure Two that your current system data is displayed at the top of the screen. The software also keeps track of the progress of your current betting strategy. You can view your current bet size, the number of bets you have placed since last profit and the number of bets until the divisor changes.

If you are running serveral columns, you can view in the system summary the overall standing of all columns.

You are still able to follow the original principles of the Money Factory Staking System by backing your selections for the win.

Figure 3. (Above)
The software has an in-built Dutch Betting module that will allow users to back multiple selections per race.

The Dutch Betting module allows you to back as many selections per race as you chose. It will display your expected profit as a percentage and dollar figure. You have the option of backing your selections to win or save, depending on the strategy you are following. After you have entered your bets, you can even easily change the Win / Save option of each horse if the prices dramatically change.

You can see in Figure Three to the left that we have two selections for the win and due to the fact that the third selection was the favourite and only paying $2.90, we have placed this selection to save.

When you have calculated your bets, you simply click on Save Dutch Bet.

Figure 4. (Above)

The software also has a module for backing your selections each way. Your bet sizes for both win and place are calculated for you according to the current bet size, you simple enter the race information, including where you placed the bets. You can see in Figure Four to the left that the bets were placed with IAS.

You also have the option to place your bets for the place only.

It doesn't matter what betting strategy you are following, Money Factory has a betting module to suit your needs.

Figure 5. (Above)
Money Factory Professional Edition comes complete with two different report sections. The first report section is the System Current Report.
This section is where you can view the details of your current betting strategy before you rule off all columns. You can see in Figure Five the type of data that is displayed in this section, such as number of bets, number of wins, strike rate, profit and average dividend. It also shows your bank balance and column bank.

Figure 6.
When you rule off all columns when you have reached an overall profit, your data is stored in the Master Summary Report Section. This section stores the data for each strategy you are following, you simply click on the arrow to view the information of each strategy.

The Master Summary Section is where you can view the details of each column. You can even view your results over all columns if your strategy is using more than one column.

The Money Factory Software is available to Members for just $990 and includes 3 months everyday Winform Ratings, or Non-Members for $990, which includes 1 month trial Winform Ratings.
Order your copy now!

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